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With a large stock holding of borehole pumps, Trebles are able to quickly dispatch the right specification of pump for your needs to the location/site you require.

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Boreholes are made for a variety of purposes including the investigation and sampling of the geological succession for construction, water abstraction, or mineral extraction purposes, and monitoring of groundwater behavior and composition.

Because borehole pumps come into direct contact with minerals in the soil, they are typically made of corrosion resistant materials. They consist of two main components: a foot part that houses the pumping mechanism and makes contact with the fluid to be pumped; and the head part, which serves as the weight-bearing portion and the outlet for the fluid.

Trebles also has an expansive range of Sump pumps within it’s offering. More details can be found here

Unsure on which borehole pump you require for your application? Simply contact the Trebles Technical team through the form at the bottom of the page and they will be happy to help.

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