Trebles Booster Sets

The Trebles booster set range includes units that feature between 1-6 pumps and are available to operate on a fixed or variable speed basis. Choose from the Trebles Standard & Bespoke ranges…

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Trebles Off-The-Shelf Lines Provide Economical Solutions

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Technical Expertise

Over 50 Years Pumping Experience

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Energy Efficiency

All Products Designed & Built to Highest Environmental Standards

Trebles Q-Tank Cat5 Booster Set

Trebles Q-Tank

The Trebles Q-Tank Cat5 booster set provides quiet, efficient performance whilst maximising tank capacity in a small footprint.

The Q-Tank incorporates a single variable speed, self-priming pump that is mounted directly onto the lid of the storage tank.

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Eco Boost

Trebles Ecoboost

Trebles ECO-BOOST range of WRAS approved and Kiwa Approved Cold Water Booster Sets combine energy efficiency and performance in a compact solution with plenty of options to satisfy a wide range of applications.

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Trebles Ecoboost+

The Eco-Boost+ further builds on the principles of the standard Ecoboost range maintaining energy efficiency and performance in a compact solution.

The plus range adds more sophisticated control and monitoring functionality combined with a touch screen user interface and larger pump range.

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Trebles FlyVar

The single pump unit combined with energy efficient variable speed drive provides constant pressure along with smooth, quiet operation. The set pressure can easilly be altered via the intuitive inverter controls which also display a live pressure readout of the system.


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Trebles Compact

The Trebles Compact range of cold water boost sets maximises performance in the smallest possible footprint, whilst maintaining a rich feature set.


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Plant Tank

Trebles Plant Tanks

Trebles Plant Tanks, also sometimes known as ‘combined housing tanks’ offer the complete water boosting package with a huge array of options to satisfy almost any site requirement.

Once a suitable tank capacity has been selected, a booster set can be installed within the ‘dry’ section of the enclosure resulting in a complete packaged solution.

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Bespoke Booster


Bespoke Booster Sets

Trebles can offer custom made or bespoke booster sets to suit our customer’s specific needs. These can include external applications where equipment is enclosed within a weatherproof kiosk or designs where there is restricted space/special pipework configuration requirements.

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Trebles Trident

The Trident range is a new approach to combined tank & booster pump systems that minimises your footprint whilst maintaining serviceability.


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Why Trebles Booster Sets


Unrivalled Expertise

Built up from 50 years experience in the pump industry


Premium Quality

Only the best products and brands are utilised in booster sets – sourced from the UK & Europe



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