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Wilo UK, a leading pump manufacturer in Building Services, Water Management, and Industry since 1985, has transformed from selling heating pumps to becoming a holistic solutions provider. Wilo UK emphasises a shift from a product-focused to a consultant technology partner, aligning with evolving customer needs.

Trebles’ collaboration with Wilo reflects the latter’s commitment to continuous improvement, business efficiency, and market alignment. Wilo’s uncompromising customer-driven mindset and innovative culture solidify its status as a high-tech pumps and pump systems leader. The Wilo Foundation, as a majority shareholder, ensures the company’s continuity and independence, making Wilo a trusted name in the industry.

Trebles has been eager to partner with Wilo, leveraging their global expertise and innovative solutions to deliver exceptional value to customers.

Solutions for a Sustainable Future



Wilo submersible pumps don’t need priming.



Compact, lightweight, and portable.



Highly-efficient and designed for continuous functioning.



Wilo submersible pumps are noise-free in most applications.



Multistage, speed-configurable stainless steel high-efficiency pump with 2D/3D hydraulics and standard motor ensures usage in a variety of applications.


Optimised Design

With easy operation, transportation, and installation with handles, lantern adjustment, and rotatable free flanges.

Why Choose Wilo?

Wilo pumps are a top choice due to their high efficiency and resilience under harsh conditions. They are self-priming, eliminating the need for external priming, and their submersible models are compact, lightweight, and portable. Operating quietly in most applications, Wilo pumps prioritise user convenience with features like handles and rotatable free flanges. The inclusion of Green Button Technology and a user-friendly display enhances the overall user experience. If you seek a reliable and efficient pump, Wilo pumps are a compelling option due to their durability and user-friendly design.

A Partnership to Shape the Future

Trebles proudly collaborates with Wilo UK Ltd., a premium pump manufacturer shaping the industry since 1985. Wilo’s legacy in innovative solutions for Building Services, Water Management, and Industry showcases a commitment to innovation and customer support. Evolving from heating pumps, Wilo is now a solutions provider, emphasising a shift from a product-focused to a technology partner approach. Wilo has highlighted their dedication to holistic solutions, aligning with customer needs, continually reviewing business efficiency, emphasising strategic planning for market trends. Trebles is thrilled to collaborate with Wilo, sharing a dedication to innovation and customer value.

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