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We are excited to present Calpeda as a strategic supplier, seamlessly aligning with our steadfast pursuit of excellent customer satisfaction. As a distinguished leader in the pump industry, Calpeda embodies innovation, reliability, and visionary engineering.

Teaming up strategically, Trebles and Calpeda provide you with an extensive range of cutting-edge pumps and systems. Calpeda’s commitment to continual study and development mirrors our dedication to delivering industry-leading products, reflecting shared values.

Our collaboration demonstrates a mutual pledge to offer superior solutions that set industry standards.

Advanced Solutions for your Pumping Needs



Designed to be cost-effective, which helps save money on water and energy bills.


Environmental Impact

Built to be energy-efficient, which aids in reducing any environmental impact.



Engineered to deliver exceptional reliability, ensuring longevity.



Engineered to deliver exceptional durability, ensuring optimal performance.



Can be used in a variety of applications, including swimming pools, spa baths, civil plants, industrial fields, construction sites, and more.


Innovative Features

Equipped with innovative features such as powerful and effective motors, additional boosters, and more, which set them apart from the competition.

Why Choose Calpeda?

With a legacy rooted in continuous development and manufacturing, Calpeda embodies innovation and reliability under the visionary founder Vinicio Mettifogo’s influence. Its diverse applications, spanning Residential, Industrial, Agriculture, Swimming Pools, and Civil projects, showcase unparalleled versatility. Calpeda’s unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability makes it the preferred choice for those seeking cutting-edge and reliable pumping solutions.

Building Stronger Relationships

Trebles and Calpeda have built a robust partnership, rooted in mutual trust and shared goals. By aligning their values and combining Trebles’ distribution and service expertise with Calpeda’s commitment to quality manufacturing, the collaboration enhances operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Together, we work in unison to meet evolving client needs, fostering innovation and excellent distribution services.

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Trebles understands your deadlines – and with a huge stock holding Trebles are able to deliver

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Over 50 years knowledge base, built through long-standing and expansive technical sales teams

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Trebles put the human touch into technical advice. Not just consultative but also supportive product solutions