Bespoke Fabrications

Whether it’s an unusual booster set, restricted space requirement, being compatible with existing pipework – or all of the above! – The team at Trebles has decades of experience in manufacturing solutions for any commercial requirement.

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Bespoke Booster


Bespoke Booster Sets

Trebles can offer custom made or bespoke booster sets to suit customer’s specific needs. These can include external applications where equipment is enclosed within a weatherproof kiosk or designs where there is restricted space/special pipework configuration requirements.

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Any Space or Specification

The Unusual

There is little which the Trebles Engineers haven’t come across before. Most Trebles fabrications are fully made to order – therefore most unique requests can be accommodated.

Whether it be dealing with limited space, an unusually-shaped plant room, high flow rate requirements, or the need for zero downtime – Trebles can come up with the solution

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Bespoke Fabrications

Existing System


Trebles understands that customers do not want to be ‘reinventing the wheel’ and often the need for a booster or pressurisation unit will not be for it to work in isolation, but will have to work with existing systems.

What ever the product range, brand, sizing or any other unique requirements – Trebles can adapt it’s equipment to suit the existing systems needs.

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 CAD 3D Design

Design Process

Trebles use cutting edge software to design all it’s bespoke products. The Trebles team are fully trained, certified and time served cad administrators.

All drawings are shared with customers throughout the design process. – In the customers required format, with most CAD formats including BIM

Why Trebles Bespoke Manufacturing



On-site engineers & project managers kept informed & involved where requested



No need to compromise – Get the exact specification you require



Replace/enhance only what is required rather than whole systems