Machine Tool Coolant Pumps

Immersible machine tool coolant pumps for commercial & industrial applications from Trebles. These pumps are designed to be most commonly used mounted on top of a coolant tank, with the stem submerged in the liquid.

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Coolant pumps for machine tools are designed for the pumping of cooling lubricants for industrial machine tools, condensate transfer, as well as a number of other purposes.

They are multistage, centrifugal pumps that are designed to be placed in the liquid that is to be pumped, and as such they are fully submersible. They are safe for use with both water and water-soluble coolants, as well as cutting lubricants.

One of Trebles most popular ranges come from Sacemi. Known for their range of standard coolant pumps, found extensively on small machine tools. They are constructed from both Cast Iron and Valox, (thermoplastic) and are also fairly inexpensive.

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Machine Tool Coolant Pump

They did exactly what they said they would do.The price and the service was excellent.I will use them again as often as possible.

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