Complete Systems

Whether it’s a single packaged pressurisation unit, right up to a full packaged plant room –  Through both Trebles huge stock holding and its own manufacturing facility, the right solution can be found.

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Completely Integrated Solutions

Can be Stand-Alone or Integrated with Existing

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Space Saving Solutions

Trebles can Work With the Space you Have Available

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Economical Service Life

Designed for Longevity with Easy Serviceability

Eco Boost

Cold Water Booster Sets

The Trebles booster set range includes units that feature between 1-6 pumps and are available to operate on a fixed or variable speed basis.

Includes Trebles branded products along with Lowara & Grundfos Sets

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Trebles Pressbox

Sealed System Pressurisation Units

The Trebles range of sealed system pressurisation units includes both single and twin pumps models – along with either floor or wall mounted versions. – Along with one of Trebles most popular products; The Pressbox

Trebles also supplies leading supplier ranges of Flamco, Lowara, Grundfos & Stuart Turner

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Packaged Plantrooms

Packaged Plant Rooms

Trebles are specialists in off-site manufactured packaged plant rooms. Working closely with your engineers; Trebles will both design and manufacture a complete system, all off-site, ready to be delivered as ‘plug & play’.

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One of Trebles most popular offerings – Having all the benefits of package plantrooms, just without the walls. Trebles always aim for the smallest footprint – freeing up valuable space when in-situe.

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