Trebles Warranty & Breakdown

Sometimes, despite the best efforts product will fail. Trebles service engineers are often able to quickly assess if the faults of products are covered under the suppliers warranty.

Emergency Breakdown

For When the Worst Happens

Emergency Breakdowns

The image to the left shows a Trebles engineers work to leave a pump unit in place at a Birmingham based hospital, whilst the failed unit could be taken back to the Trebles service department and repaired.

Sometimes product does fail – but when it does you want to be assured of a quick turnaround. Plus the Trebles engineers will always endeavor to put an instance temporary fix in place whilst the main issue is worked on.

Warranty Image

Trebles & Non-Trebles Brand

Supplier Warranty Support

Sometimes product fails. And when it does you need a solution provided as quickly as possible.

With Trebles on-site service department, it is often the case that the suitability for a supplier warranty claim can be double-checked before sending the equipment back to the manufacturer unnecessarily. – Saving time and money. On the rare occasion the issue is with a Trebles manufactured product, our service engineers work from the same location as our manufacturing facility – and therefore quick solutions can be found through combined working.

Pump Repair

Product Assessment

Ecomonic Repair

Economic repair of equipment is essential in keeping costs down. Trebles engineers can strip and detail the work needed to allow clients to make an informed decision to repair or replace failed pumps.

Where a repair is the way forward we offer a complete service from assessment of the equipment, safe removal from the system, stripping down and replacement or refurbishment of all components. All repaired units are fully mechanically & electrically tested prior to return to the client.

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The Benefits to Trebles Warranty & Breakdown Service


Peace of Mind

Up to 5 years warranty on a large number of products


Technical Expertise

Across all pump types and brands – with over 50 years experience



Trebles are flexible enough to react quickly to emergency breakdowns