Atlas Copco proudly presents WEDA, their range of small electric submersible pumps designed for diverse dewatering applications in various industries.

Equipped with a built-in starter, motor protection, and optional automatic level control, WEDA pumps prioritise durability. Partnering with Atlas Copco ensures the distribution of high-quality, lightweight electric submersible pumps with a unique sealing system and modular design.

Tailored for Drainage (D), Sludge (S), and Slurry (L) applications, these pumps excel in handling corrosive and abrasive media, offering flexibility, ease of use, and optimal performance in tough environments.


Truly portable, truly powerful



Made to go where you need to go. Smaller and lighter, with features that make it easy to transport.



One pump can cover multiple applications thanks to a modular design.



Tested, performed and verified in the toughest working conditions.



Focused on reducing fuel consumption. Made to suit any environment.


Simple Service

Easy access to all parts and consumables.


Up to 40% lighter

Easy to move around due to the lightweight and compact design.

Why Choose Weda?

WEDA’s pump range, stemming from over 140 years of experience with global construction customers, aligns seamlessly with a two-fold strategy. Primarily, the focus is on delivering efficient products, with a commitment to continuous improvement for both user benefit and environmental sustainability. Additionally, WEDA emphasises the practical aspect, ensuring their pumps are compact, lightweight, and easy to transport to your work site.

Collaboration at it’s finest

The collaboration between Atlas Copco and Trebles is a dynamic partnership rooted in a shared dedication to innovation and excellence. Atlas Copco, a global leader in industrial equipment, contributes profound expertise in pumps and global industry knowledge. Trebles, known for tailored solutions and customer satisfaction, complements this with a deep customer understanding. Together, this alliance powers the delivery of cutting-edge solutions like WEDA small electric submersible pumps, emphasising a joint commitment to quality products and exceptional customer support.

Why Choose Trebles…

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Trebles understands your deadlines – and with a huge stock holding Trebles are able to deliver

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Technical Experts

Over 50 years knowledge base, built through long-standing and expansive technical sales teams

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Trebles put the human touch into technical advice. Not just consultative but also supportive product solutions