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For over 60 years, Flamco has been at the forefront of HVAC system evolution, crafting high-quality components.

Specialising in innovative central-heating solutions, Flamco designs and manufactures expansion vessels, safety valves, and equipment for heating and cooling applications. With production hubs across Europe, Flamco is at the forefront of providing sustainable solutions that enhance comfort and efficiency in buildings.

Operating under the Aalberts hydronic flow control banner, Flamco aims to elevate client businesses and ensure planet safety.


Effective Boiler Room Solutions


Innovative Solutions

Empowering HVAC systems with cutting-edge components that not only enhance energy efficiency but also pave the way for sustainable and eco-friendly operations.


Precision Expansion

Flamco’s expansion vessels and automats showcase precision technology, ensuring optimal pressure and volume management.



Flamco’s range of safety valves and groups serve as a robust safety net, preventing overpressure scenarios and safeguarding both the HVAC system and the surrounding environment.


Fluid Efficiency

By optimising fluid circulation, the efficient heat distribution within HVAC systems contribute to the overall effectiveness and performance of the heating and cooling infrastructure.


Versatile Accessories

Flamco’s diverse accessory line-up, provide versatility in system customisation. These accessories simplify installation and maintenance processes, offering adaptability to various HVAC configurations and allowing integration with existing systems.


System Optimisation

Flamco’s holistic approach extends to hot and cold water storage solutions, heat and cool interface units, metering and billing equipment, as well as system cleaning and corrosion prevention technologies.

Why Choose Flamco?

Flamco, with a legacy dating back to the mid-50s, offers unparalleled expertise in HVAC solutions. Pioneering innovative energy solutions and prioritising safety, Flamco delivers a diverse range of high-quality components. Versatile accessories simplify installation, while a comprehensive approach, including system optimisation and holistic solutions, ensures longevity and efficiency.

Stronger Together

Flamco and Trebles join forces to create a harmonious collaboration, leveraging Flamco’s HVAC expertise and Trebles’ specialisation in customer service and distribution. This partnership results in integrated solutions that optimise comfort, safety, and efficiency in buildings. Together, pioneering innovations that redefine standards in the HVAC industry, ensuring cutting-edge performance.

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Technical Experts

Over 50 years knowledge base, built through long-standing and expansive technical sales teams

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Trebles put the human touch into technical advice. Not just consultative but also supportive product solutions