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Trebles do not just provide ‘standard’ domestic condensate pumps but also pumps suitable for use in commercial and industrial applications where they are often found in air conditioning systems or in industrial settings where they can be used to collect ‘waste chemicals’

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Condensate pumps are a type of centrifugal pump that are most commonly used to collect and disperse the hot water and liquid produced by condensation from heating systems, such as gas and oil condensing boilers – This is the most frequent requirement for a condensate pump in a domestic situation.

They are also used in commercial and industrial settings, largely for the production of refrigerated air, such as air conditioning and refrigeration systems, air dehumidifiers and evaporators and the steam produced by heat exchangers and radiators. These condensate pumps requires more sophistication as they are often used with to collect liquids mixed with chemicals. The Trebles range of commercial/industrial can be quoted and specified based on the end use application.

Designed to run intermittently, condensate pumps include a collection tank where condensate (captured condensed liquid) can accumulate. When the liquid in the tank reaches a designated level a float switch activates the pump. The condensate is then pumped out of the tank until the level of liquid leaves room for more condensate collection. Some pumps contain a two-stage switch. As liquid rises to the designated first stage, the pump is activated. If the liquid continues to rise, because the pump has failed or discharge is blocked, a second stage is engaged where the pump may be shut off or an alarm triggered. The system is fully automatic.

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