Becoming a distributor through Trebles opens up a world of opportunities and provides tailored benefits to support your business growth and success. At Trebles, we recognise the importance of building strong partnerships and empowering our distributors to thrive in today’s competitive market.

One of the primary advantages of partnering with us is gaining access to our extensive range of Varisco and Atlas Copco’s WEDA products. As leading UK importers of pump equipment, we offer a diverse portfolio of high-quality products from these reputable manufacturers. By becoming a distributor, you gain access to this comprehensive selection, enabling you to expand your product offerings and meet a wider range of customer needs.

In addition to our wide product range, distributors benefit from exclusive pricing and flexible terms. We understand that every business has unique requirements, and we work closely with our distributors to provide pricing and terms that align with their needs for these specific brands. This allows you to maximise profitability while offering competitive pricing to your customers.

Trebles is also committed to providing exceptional support to those businesses that distribute products from either Varisco or Atlas Copco’s WEDA range. With comprehensive assistance and technical support, we are dedicated to helping our distributors succeed in promoting and selling these branded products.

Becoming a distributor through Trebles unlocks a wealth of benefits tailored to your business needs. From preferred terms to shorter lead times and on-hand technical support, we provide the resources and assistance necessary for seamless operations.

What are the benefits?


Preferred Terms

Enjoy favourable terms and conditions tailored to meet your business needs, ensuring a smooth and mutually beneficial partnership.


UK Stock Holding

Benefit from our extensive stock holding in the UK, resulting in shorter lead times and faster delivery to your customers


On-hand Technical Support

Access dedicated technical support whenever you need it, ensuring seamless integration and troubleshooting assistance for your customers


Alleviate Cash in Stock Holdings

Reduce the burden of cash tied up in stock holdings, allowing for more flexibility and liquidity

Interested in Becoming a Distributor?

If you’re a distributor seeking to elevate your offerings, we invite you to reach out to us. Contact us today to enquire about obtaining a distributor account and join us in delivering solutions to customers across the UK.

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Why Choose Trebles…

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Trebles understands your deadlines – and with a huge stock holding Trebles are able to deliver

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Technical Experts

Over 50 years knowledge base, built through long-standing and expansive technical sales teams

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Trebles put the human touch into technical advice. Not just consultative but also supportive product solutions