Crest Pumps has earned its reputation for unparalleled corrosion resistance, ideal for demanding environments like chemical manufacturing and wastewater treatment, ensuring high-quality performance. Their commitment to quality includes lifetime support for their pumps, guaranteeing swift issue resolution as equipment ages.

With a focus on efficiency and reliability, Crest minimises energy consumption without sacrificing performance, benefiting both the environment and operational costs, and therefore making them the ultimate choice for any pumping application.

Why choose Crest Pumps?


Environmentally Focused


Proven Reliability


Trust & Integrity


Award-Winning Service


British Pump Manufacturer


45+ Years of Experience

Why Choose Crest Pumps?

Pump failure poses significant risks, from increased workload and safety hazards to costly repairs and downtime. As a British manufacturer, Crest understands the consequences of plant shutdowns. With Crest Pumps, you can rely on corrosion and chemical resistant pumps engineered for seamless operation. Tailored to your requirements, Crest provides optimal solutions for reliability and longevity, ensuring uninterrupted performance for your application.

Joining Forces to Keep the Flow

With Crest Pumps renowned for their superior corrosion-resistant pumps and Trebles’ expertise in distribution and service, this collaboration promises exceptional support and accessibility for customers. By leveraging Crest’s high-quality pumping technology and Trebles’ extensive customer database, customers can expect seamless access to solutions tailored to their specific needs.

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Trebles understands your deadlines – and with a huge stock holding Trebles are able to deliver

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Technical Experts

Over 50 years knowledge base, built through long-standing and expansive technical sales teams

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Trebles put the human touch into technical advice. Not just consultative but also supportive product solutions