Seal & Spacer Kits

With the most popular brands and models sat on the shelf ready to order including Grundfos, Lowara & Wilo, there is no delay in receiving your seal kits from Trebles.

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Upgrade to Newer Pump Model

Why replace 2 units – when you only need to replace 1?

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Quick & Easy Installation

Designed to limit downtime with simple install set up

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Very Low Life Cycle Costs

Cost of spacer/seal kit a fraction of that of a new pump

Seal and spacer kits become vital when the port to port dimensions of circulator pumps used in water systems have been altered. This is often due to system upgrades, particularly in renovation projects or construction expansion projects.

At Trebles we often also come across customers replacing old pumps with the newer upgraded design of a pump which often leads to the new pump having a slightly different design – generally with a shorter body. This issue can be easily combatted with the use of a spacer kit to fill the missing length.

Whilst some pumps are sold complete with spacer kits, many now are not due to not wanting to waste unnecessary material. It is therefore always best to check what components your pump comes complete with if they are required. When purchasing a set it generally comes complete with spacer, a set of extended bolts and matching nuts, plus a set of gaskets.

If you are unsure of which spacer or seal kit you require, the Trebles experts are always on hand to help.

Seal Kit

Great Service. Saved us £120 against a new pump

Iain Brown, End User