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Trebles Aid Siltbuster with a WEDA Submersible

Trebles Aid Siltbuster with a WEDA Submersible

When we heard that Siltbuster wanted to utilise a submersible pump and experiment with pH level correction in water, Trebles swiftly offered an Atlas Copco WEDA D50 to aid in the experimental setup.

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Siltbuster is the UK market leader in environmental solutions for responsive water and wastewater treatment.

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Siltbuster sought to develop an extremely efficient method for introducing gas into water through a pH correction system.

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By equipping Siltbuster with a WEDA D50 Submersible pump, a solution has been devised to adjust the pH level in water. This approach entails attaching a Venturi system to the pump’s discharge, facilitating the injection of CO2 vapours into the water.

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The lightweight aluminium construction, weighing approximately 55kg, as opposed to its cast iron counterpart weighing 70kg or more, significantly aids with the transportation of the pump, making handling much easier.

pH Correction System

When we initially had a discussion with Siltbuster, they wanted to develop a highly efficient method for gas transfer into water to ultimately optimise wastewater treatment processes by correcting pH levels.

“The pump is of really high quality; one of the first things we do when we receive a pump is check the weight on the unit. If it’s got good weight and gravity, it obviously has a decent amount of metal in it. The next thing is then we literally tap the side of the pump to ensure there are no hollow spots inside it or that it’s got a good thick casting on it. So, my initial impression was that the stator housing is obviously a decent thickness because it doesn’t sound hollow.

Chris Lawless, Siltbuster Ltd, Operations Technical Engineer

A small team from Trebles journeyed into the heart of Monmouth, Wales, to visit Siltbuster HQ seeking firsthand insights into their operations and experiments with the pump. This visit also served as an opportunity not only for a photo session but also for a comprehensive tour of Siltbuster’s facilities.

Siltbuster HQ in Monmouth, Wales

Siltbuster Warehouse

A Small Section of Siltbuster’s Yard

During our visit, Trebles was able to record an exclusive Q&A interview session with Chris Lawless, a key figure spearheading this project in one of the Siltbuster’s laboratories. This interview provided valuable insights into the ongoing research and development at Siltbuster and their honest opinion of the WEDA D50 pump and its benefits. This 8-minute interview offers a deeper understanding of the pump, its features, and how Siltbuster plans on utilising these. You can watch the interview below:

The devised solution involves a sophisticated approach to pH level correction in wastewater treatment processes. By connecting a Venturi system to the discharge of the WEDA D50 pump, the methodology enables precise injection of CO2 vapours into the water. This innovative technique hopes to achieve the desired results in adjusting pH levels, thereby improving the overall efficiency of water treatment operations.

“The predominant application is a gas saturation process. To correct the pH of alkaline water, we’ll be adding CO2 vapour. I’m actually going to add a Venturi system to the discharge of this pump to inject CO2. This pump will be submerged inside a tank, so it’s going to be an extremely efficient way of transferring gas into water and correcting the pH. So, this is going to be a pH correction system ultimately.

Chris Lawless, Siltbuster Ltd, Operations Technical Engineer



A notable advantage of the chosen solution lies in its lightweight aluminium construction, weighing approximately 55kg. This marks a significant difference from the conventional cast-iron equivalents, which typically surpass 70kg in weight. The substantial weight reduction not only enhanced operational maneuverability but also simplified the transportation of the pump, thereby streamlining logistical processes.


Successes and Advice for Use


Throughout testing, Siltbuster discovered several pointers for optimising the pump’s performance. One notable observation was the importance of clear labeling regarding Direct-On-Line (DOL) operation on the pump casing to prevent damage to internal electronics, particularly when powered by an inverter. Additionally, it was noted that threaded aluminium connections could experience galling and seizing when attached to galvanised flanges. To prevent this, it is recommended to apply anti-seize to all aluminium threads before attachment to dissimilar metals.

Additionally, users expressed a desire for a central lifting eye to attach a ‘D’ shackle to the handle to aid in maneuverability, and would recommend exploration into the availability of an anode kit for marine environments.

Siltbuster continued and talked about the use of yellow paint notably enhancing the pump’s visibility onced submerged, thereby improving safety and allowing for easy monitoring during operations. The integration of an overload and rotation relay system also proved highly beneficial. This feature minimises the need for service calls due to issues such as incorrect running or overcurrent, especially when wired DOL. Ultimately, it ensures smoother operation, reduces maintenance requirements, and contributes to the overall efficiency and reliability of water treatment processes.

WEDA D50 on the Siltbuster yard

The Venturi system that will be used in the experiment

Chris Lawless spearheads this project

WEDA D50 with one tank

WEDA D50 in a Siltbuster lab

WEDA D50 plate

The teamwork between Trebles and Siltbuster demonstrates our shared dedication to pushing the limits of water treatment technologies. Through our partnership, creative approaches, and a strong focus on environmental responsibility, this project highlights how we can pave the way for new solutions in water treatment.

We’ll let Chris at Siltbusters conduct his research and testing, and we’ll follow up in the coming weeks to update you on the success.

For more information on the WEDA D50, click here.

I simply don’t buy products from people who let me down, and Trebles has never let me down on any occasion, and they’ve always offered good service.

Chris Lawless, Siltbuster Ltd, Operations Technical Engineer

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