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The basis of a low-cost, high quality solution for potable water, water heating & hydro-pneumatic well applications.

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  • Description

    Manufactured in carbon steel with a two or three part weld construction. Pre-pressurised air chamber with synthetic rubber compound bladder. Sizes 60 to 1000 litres (except 140 litres) have a replaceable bladder. The internal surfaces of the vessel in contact with the water are coated against corrosion. External surfaces have a blue durable powder coated finish. Suitable for temperatures up to 70˚C, resistant to ethylene or propylene glycol mixtures and has low gas permeability.

    REFLEX vessels are filled with Nitrogen rather than air which improves the vessels life span by reducing the corrosion inside the vessel and prevents loss of pre-charge pressure. Nitrogen permeates through rubber slower than oxygen, is far less reactive to both steel and aluminium and does not degrade rubber.

    The expansion vessels are manufactured to meet the requirements of PED 97/23/EC Directive and BS EN 13831:2007.


  • Applications

    REFIX DE pressure vessels can be used for the following applications:-

    • Water Boosting
    • Thermal Expansion
    • Irrigation Systems
    • Hydraulic Hammer Arresting
    • Sealed Heating Systems
    • Sealed Chilling Systems
  • Features
    • Maximum Working Pressure: 10 / 16 / 25 BAR
    • Maximum Working Temperature: 70C
    • Capacities from 2L up to 5000L
    • Factory Pre-charge: 4.0 BAR (Nitrogen)
    • Configurations: Pipeline, Vertical
    • 5year Manufacturers Warranty
    • WRAS Approved
    • All Parts in ontact with water are coated against corrosion
  • Materials
    • Connection: Carbon Steel (Coated)
    • Diaphragm: Synthetic Rubber Compound
    • Shell: Carbon Steel
    • Coating: Powder Epoxy
    • Colour: Blue
  • Downloads

    Simply click the filename below to download the file:

    Datasheet – REFIX DE
    Accessories – REFIX
    O&Ms – REFLEX


Maximum Working Temperature: 70C


Capacities 2Ltr to 5000Ltr


Pipeline & Vertical Configurations


5year Manufacturers Warranty


WRAS Approved


Coated Against Corrosion