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Cal-Pro Vessels

The Zilmet CAL-PRO expansion vessels absorb the water volume variations in closed heating systems maintaining constant pressure, helping to reduce energy consumption.

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  • Description

    The purpose of these vessels is to accommodate the increased liquid volume which occurs during system heating in an Unvented Circuit. A pressurised membrane allows ingress/egress of the liquid only during periods of heating / cooling.

    The CAL-PRO range of Expansion Vessels is specifically designed for domestic and commercial unvented central heating systems.

  • Materials
    • Crimped or welded carbon steel shells
    • Synthetic SBR rubber according to DIN 4807-3 norms suitable for every capacity for maximising tank drawdown.
    • Vessels are painted externally with long-lasting epoxy polyester
  • Specification

    Capacity: From 4-900 Litres

  • Downloads

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    Zilmet Calpro Operating Instructions


Designed for Domestic & Commercial Use


Crimped or Welded Carbon Steel Shells


Long-Lasting Epoxy Polyester


Capacity From 4Ltr to 900 Ltr


Pressurised Membrane


Synthetic SBR Rubber to DIN 4807-3