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Refit DD Vessels

Refix DD is the potable water specialist for the home and is ideal for using with water heaters to save water.

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  • Description

    Water flows through the vessel, it has a stainless steel connection and thereby meets the ultra-exacting hygiene requirements of DIN 1988. The T-piece required is supplied with the unit and the Flowjet fl owthrough valve is optionally available.

  • Applications

    Reflex Refix DD vessels can be used for the following applications:-

    • Drinking water heating
    • Water supply
    • Pressure booster systems.
  • Features
    • For potable water application according to German DIN/DVGW 4807 norm part 5
    • Integrated internal circulation
    • Butyl bladder according to German KTW-C norm
    • Meets or exceeds EC norms for pressure vessels 2014/108/EC directives
    • Inner anti-corrosion coating according to German KTW-A (food stuff regulation)
    • Factory pre-pressurised gas chamber (Nitrogen)
    • Can be installed with Flowjet – flow through valve
    • Connectable to T-piece Rp 3/4 (included in Refix DD)
  • Materials

    The Refix DD vessels continue to deliver unparalleled performance and persistence, meeting all the tough requirements of the German DIN 4807 part 5. The shell of the tank is made of heavy gauge steel and has epoxy coating from inside. The dual water connection for internal circulation delivered in various sizes ranging from 1 1/4 up to DN100. The butyl rubber bladder offers the lowest permeability compared to any material used today.

  • Downloads

    Simply click on the file name below to download the document:

    Reflex DD Manual


Integrated Internal Circulation


Butyl Bladder


Inner Anti-Corrosion Coating


Factory Pre-Pressurised Gas Chamber


Stainless Steel Connection


Flowjet Flowthrough Valve Optional