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The FlowThru™ range of tanks eliminates the possibility of stagnant water, reducing the risk of waterborne bacteria, such as legionella which is known to cause Legionnaires disease.

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  • Description

    Ideally suited to a wide range of applications including pressure booster systems, HVAC systems, and cooling tower applications as well as others.

    Every model in the range has been designed with a patented FlowThru™ connection which diverts system water into and, more importantly, out of the tank while the pump is running. This constant flushing action assures that the water in the tank remains as fresh as possible and eliminates the possibility of stagnant water during normal system operations.

  • Applications

    Global FlowThru™ vessels can be used for the following applications:-

    • Pressure booster systems
    • HVAC systems
    • Cooling tower systems
    • Evaporative condenser systems
    • Spa systems
  • Features
    • Patented Flow-Thru Technology for freshest water
    • Available in Composite and Steel
    • Patented CAD-2 diaphragm technology
    • No stagnation
    • Patented Watervane, total recirculation of the water
    • Leak free air valve cap sealed with closed cell foam
    • Comprehensive testing
    • No maintenance
  • Specification

    System Connection: 1 1/4” BSP / NPT
    Max. Working Pressure: 8.6 BAR / 125 PSI
    Max. Working Tempreture: 90°C / 194°F°F (STEEL) ; 49°C / 120°F (COMPOSITE)

  • Downloads

    Simply click on the filename below to download:

    Global FlowThru Datasheet


Eliminates Stagnant Water Risk


Constant Flushing Action


Available in Composite & Steel


Patented Watervane


Leak Free Air Valve Cap


No Maintenance