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The Ebara Multigo are low noise vertical multistage motor driven centrifugal pumps featuring silent running.

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  • Description

    The Ebara Multigo are low noise vertical multistage motor driven centrifugal pumps featuring silent running.

    The motor is cooled by pumped liquid, whilst simultaneously reducing the noise levels as the liquid passes around the motor within a water jacket.

  • Applications

    The Ebara Multigo is suitable for:

    • Boosting of domestic and community hydraulic plants
    • Moving liquids in places subject to flooding
    • Supplying fountains
    • Water games
    • Sprinkling irrigation of small vegetable patches and gardens
  • Features
    • Reliable
    • Silent
    • Equipped with motor cooled by the flow of moving water
    • Twin mechanical seal with interposed oil chamber containing the lubrication bliquid that ensures long duration
    • Equipped with 5 m of H07 RN-F power supply cable
    • Also available in the in-line version (equipped with single-phase motors only)
  • Materials
    • Pump body, seal housing disc, external casing and motor cover in AISI 304
    • Impeller and nozzle in PPE+PS reinforced with fibreglass
    • Shaft in AISI 431
    • Mechanical seal in Carbon/Ceramic/NBR
  • Downloads

    To download the file, simply click on the file name below:

    Ebara Multigo 50Hz Brochure
    Ebara Multigo 60Hz Brochure

Why the Ebara Multigo Range…


Corrosion Resistant


Suitable for Industrial Use


Low Noise


Energy Efficient


Long Service Life


5m Power Supply Cable