KSB Ama-Drainer
KSB Ama-Drainer

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The KSB Ama-Drainer N waste water pump is designed to give top performance and achieve high levels of efficiency thanks to optimised hyraulic systems and motors.

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  • Description

    Ama-Drainer N handle waste water with dirt particles up to a particle size of 10 mm such as waste water containing long fibres, stringy material and solid particles with a particle size of up to 35 mm.

  • Applications

    The Ama-Drainer N is suitable for:

    • Drainage and lowering of surface water levels
    • Extraction of water from rivers and reservoirs
    • Automatic drainage of pits, shafts and cellars
    • Drainage of underground passages
    • Lowering of the surface water level
    • General drainage
    • Drainage of pits, shafts, yards and cellars at risk of flooding
  • Features
    • Vertical, fully floodable submersible motor pumps in close–coupled design, IP 68, single–stage, with swing check valve.
    • Pump control by float switch.
    • External control possible if equipped with 10 m motor lead.
    • Max. immersion depth 2 m.
  • Materials
    • Pump casing – Polypropylene, glass fibre reinforced (30 %)
    • Discharge casing – Polypropylene, glass fibre reinforced (30 %)
    • Casing cover – Noryl GNF3
    • Impeller – Noryl GNF2
    • Motor housing – Chrome nickel steel (1.4301)
    • Float switch -Polypropylene
  • Downloads

    To download the file, simply click on the file name below:

    KSB Ama-Drainer Datasheet


Why the KSB Ama-Drainer Range


Close–Coupled Design




Includes Float Switch


High Efficiency




Robust Construction