Jung Pumpen U3KS
Jung Pumpen U3KS

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The Jung U 3 K (S) is an extremely versatile submersible pump for stationary and portable use.

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  • Description

    EIP technology for safer operation, integrated flushing device for reducing deposits and integrated low level pumping for preventing flooding are only a few of the innovative features that set this pump apart.

  • Applications

    The pump removes rain water, lightly polluted water and domestic waste water from household dishwashers and washing machines (also high temperature), but not urinal or lavatory effluent.

    In stationary use the U 3 KS with automatic switching removes the water from drains in cellars, laundries or storerooms and serves as a flood protection.The guide rail system GR 32 offers all the advantages of fast and easy maintenance. Ready-to install collecting tanks extend the range of uses. If the sump or tank runs dry temporarily, the pump can be vented by providing a drill-hole in the spiral housing.

  • Features
    • Continuous operation

    • Low level pumping

    • Flushing device

    • Built-in level control

    • Variable discharge branch

    • Safe to run dry

    • EIP technology

    • Swing-type check valve for portable use

    • Moisture sealed cable inlet

  • Materials

    Motor housing, shaft and screws – Stainless steel

    Spiral casing, impeller and control head – Plastic (GRP)

    Rubber insulated sewage resistant flexible cable.

  • Downloads

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    Jung UK3S Datasheet


Why the Jung UK3S Pump


Low Level Pumping


Continuous Operation


Flushing Device


Built-in Level Control


Variable Discharge Branch


EIP Technology