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Right Pumps

Right pumps form Salamander Pumps premium product range, offering the most powerful performance and a power shower pump solution. The universal versions also have added technology that protects the pump from the most common issues.

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  • Description

    From just 45.5dBA, these shower pumps are also the quietest on the market. Independently tested against the competition equivalent, the RP50PT is the quietest shower pump available.

  • Applications

    These shower pumps will boost hot and/or cold water supplies to thermostatic or manual mixer shower valves, supplying a wide range of shower types and shower heads, individual taps, cisterns and other bathroom and whole house applications.

    Options are available for boosting champagne spray, massage function and multiple body sprays too.

  • Features
    • More Pressure and Flow
    • Impressively quiet
    • Easy to install
    • Continuously Rated
    • Compact Salamander exclusive seal
    • AV Couplers included
    • 15/22mm push fit flexible hoses with integral isolating valves on inlets
    • Pre-wired with power cable
    • 2 years warranty
    • Long life
    • Centrifugal technology
  • Downloads

    To download the file, simply click on the file name below:

    Salamander Right Pumps Brochure
    Salamander Right Pumps Datasheet

Why the Salamander Right Pumps Range…


Easy to Install


Low Noise


Continuously Rated


2 Year Warranty


Pre-Wired with Power Cable


AV Couplers Included