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Starbloc & Starnorm

The Armstrong 4030 Starnorm and 4280 Starbloc Series offer technical excellence witha compact configuration. Both designs feature DIN 24960 mechanical seals with carbon vs. silicon carbide faces for long life and a pull out design for easy maintenance.

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  • Description

    The STARBLOC is a compact horizontal, single stage, close coupled end suction pump, while STARNORM is a horizontal, single stage, long coupled end suction pump.

  • Applications

    The Star range are designed for the following:

    • Hot & cold water circulation
    • Process liquid transfer
    • Industrial liquid transfer
    • Boosting & pressurisation installations
  • Key Features & Benefits
    • DIN 24960 mechanical seal with carbon versus silicon carbide faces for long life
    • Impellers are trimmed to suit specified duties, to ensure efficient performance, low absorbed power and optimised motor selection
    • IEC 72 standard motor for ease of supply and replacement
    • Pressure gauge tappings on inlet/outlet flanges for ease of performance checks
    • Grade 260 cast iron casings for robustness
  • Materials

    Pump body: Cast Iron
    Impeller: Gunmetal
    Pedestal/Seal Box: Cast Iron
    Shaft: Stainless Steel

  • Downloads

    To download the file, simply click on the file name below:

    Armstrong End Suction Pump Brochure
    Armstrong Starbloc & Starnorm Product Datasheet

Why Armstrong Starbloc & Starnorm


Compact Design


Long Life Seals


Optimised Motor


Energy Efficient


Grade 260 Cast Iron Casings


IEC 72 Standard Motor