Wilo Yonos Pico
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Wilo Yonos Pico
Yonos Pico Chart
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Yonos Pico Range

The Wilo-Yonos PICO is a glandless circulator with screwed connection, blocking-current proof EC motor and integrated electronic power control.

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  • Description

    A visible symbol of the new generation of high-efficiency pumps for heating and air-conditioning systems in residential dwellings is the green operating button, which together with new functions provides maximum convenience in commissioning and maintenance.

    Defaults for radiators or underfloor heating – symbolised by pictograms – save time during commissioning. The energy efficiency was improved once more and the power consumption is thus even lower and always in view. And thanks to the more compact construction, pump replacement is now even easier.

  • Applications

    The Wilo-Yonos PICO can be used for the following applications:

    • All hot water heating systems
    • Air Conditioning Applications
    • Industrial Circulation Systems
  • Features
    • Very high degrees of efficiency due to ECM technology
    • High-efficiency pump especially for single and two-family houses, as well as for two to six-family houses
    • Only 4 watts minimum power consumption
    • Preselectable control modes for optimum load adjustment Δ p-c (differential pressure constant), Δ p-v (differential pressure variable)
    • Integrated motor protection
    • LED for setting the setpoint and displaying the current consumption in watts
    • Venting function for venting the rotor chamber
    • Quick electrical connection with Wilo-Connector
    • Very high starting torque for reliable starting
  • Materials

    Pump housing: Grey cast iron (EN-GJL-200)
    Impeller: Plastic (PP – 40% GF)
    Pump shaft: stainless steel
    Bearing: Carbon, metal impregnated

  • Specifications
    • Fluid temperature -10°C to +95°C
    • Mains connection 1~230 V, 50 Hz
    • Protection class IP X2 D
    • Threaded connection Rp ½, Rp 1 and Rp 1¼
    • Max. operating pressure 6 bar
  • Downloads

    To download the file, simply click on the file name below:

    Wilo-Yonos PICO Technical Brochure

Why the Wilo Yonos Pico Range…


Integrated Electronic Power Control


High Efficiency


Easy to Install


Compact Design


Only 4 Watts Min Power Consumption


Integrated Motor Protection