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Yonos Maxo Range

The Wilo-Yonos MAXO is a glandless circulation pump with threaded connection or flange connection, EC motor with automatic power adjustment.

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  • Description

    High efficiency light commercial circulator pump with 4m max head, 220 mm port-to-port length and DN40 flanged connections The Wilo Yonos MAXO range are high efficiency glandless light commercial circulator pumps designed to enable quick and simple installation. The Yonos MAXO-D pumps are twin head units.

  • Applications

    The Wilo-Yonos MAXO can be used for the following applications:

    • All Hot Water Heating Systems
    • Air Conditioning Applications
    • Closed Cooling Circuits
    • Industrial Circulation Systems
  • Features
    • Maximum efficiency thanks to ECM technology
    • LED display for showing delivery head setting
    • Quick and convenient electrical connection with Wilo-Connector
    • Collective fault signal on all types for assuring system availability
    • Simple installation due to PN 6/PN 10 combination flanges (with DN 40 to DN 65)
    • Can be used in cooling/air-conditioning systems without ambient temperature limits
    • Pump housing with cataphoretic coating for preventing corrosion due to condensation formation
  • Materials
    • Pump housing: grey cast iron with cataphoretic coating
    • Shaft: Stainless steel
    • Bearing: carbon, metal impregnated
    • Impeller: Plastic
  • Specifications
    • Permissible temperature range of -20°C to +110°C
    • Mains connection 1~230 V, 50/60 Hz
    • Protection class IP X4D
    • Flange connection DN 32 to DN 80
    • Max. operating pressure of standard version: 6/10 bar or 6 bar (special version: 10 bar)
  • Downloads

    To download the file, simply click on the file name below:

    Wilo Yonos Maxo Technical Brochure

Why the Wilo Yonos Maxo Range…


EC Motor with Automatic Power Adjustment


Highly Efficient


Low Vibration & Noise


LED Display


Cataphoretic Coating to Prevent Corrosion


Suitable for Cooling/Air-Conditioning Systems