Lowara Ecocirc XL
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Lowara Ecocirc XL
Ecocirc XL_2
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XL Ecocirc Range

The new Lowara ecocirc XL and XLplus are the wet rotor circulators that provide state-of-the-art technology in hydraulics, motor and intelligent controls.

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  • Description

    The ecocirc XL and XLplus are everything you need in a large wet rotor circulator and nothing you don’t. The purposefully engineered, easy-to-install ecocirc XL and XLplus are designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind.

  • Applications

    Ecocirc XL and XLplus are designed for circulating liquids in the following systems:

    • Hot Water Heating Systems
    • Air Conditioning & Cooling Systems
    • Solar & Geothermal Systems
  • Features
    • High Efficiency
    • Different operation modes adopted to all real life situations;
    • Automatic proportional pressure control (Δpv)
    • Constant pressure control (Δpc)
    • Differential temperature control (ΔT)
    • Manual set constant speed
    • Night mode
    • Easy to install and start up, no advanced programming necessary
    • Clear display and easy setting with touch buttons
    • For hot and cold media including tap hot water
    • Communicate with Modbus RTU and BACnet systems
    • Can be controlled from a laptop, tablet or smartphone via built in WiFi
  • Specifications
    • Single and twin head models in cast iron or stainless steel
    • Head up to 13 m
    • Flow up to 60 m3/h
    • Temperature range – 10°C – +110°C
  • Downloads

    To download the file, simply click on the file name below:

    Ecocirc XL & XLplus Brochure
    Ecocirc XL & XLplus Technical Brochure

Why the Lowara XL Ecocirc Range…


High Efficiency


Constant Pressure Control


Manual Set Constant Speed


Optimized Motor Technology


Overtemperature Protection Feature


Clear Display