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Grundfos Magna3
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Magna3 Range

A range of small, medium and large circulator pumps fitted with electronically controlled motors based on permanent magnet (PM) and compact stator technology.

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  • Description

    MAGNA3 pumps are extremely flexible and reliable, and have low noise levels, long life and minimum maintenance requirements. They are fitted with GENIair wireless communication as standard and can also be expanded to offer extended control options with Communication Interface Modules (CIM).

  • Applications

    The Grundfos MAGNA3 circulator pumps are designed for circulating liquids in the following systems:

    • Hot water heating systems of all kinds
    • Air-conditioning & cooling systems
    • Domestic water systems
    • Ground-source heat pump systems
    • Solar heating systems
  • Features
    • FLOWLIMIT: the MAGNA3 features a facility to limit maximum flow. There is no need therefore to use a balancing valve on the main flow and return pipe.
    • FLOWADAPT : this combines the benefits of both the FLOWLIMIT and AUTOADAPT functions together.
    • Proportional pressure control
    • Constant pressure control
    • Constant temperature control
    • Constant curve duty
    • Max. or min. curve duty
    • Automatic Night Setback
    • No external motor protection required
    • Insulating shells supplied with single-head pumps for heating systems
  • Downloads

    To download the file, simply click on the file name below:

    Grundfos Magna3 Brochure

Why the Grundfos Magna3 Range…


Compact Stator Technology


Electronically Controlled Motors


GENIair Wireless Communication


Proportional Pressure Control


Automatic Night Setback


Insulating Shells Supplied with Single Head Pumps