Flexfiller Mini
Flexfiller Mini

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Flexfiller Mini

The Flamco Flexfiller MINI range offer a digital, totally enclosed, wall mounted pressurisation unit solution.

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  • Description

    Compact and totally enclosed digital pressurisation units with electronic pressure transducer and user-friendly microprocessor for use on sealed system in order to provide a minimum system pressure requirement.

  • Applications

    The Flamco Flexfiller MINI range are suitable in the following areas of application:-

    • Commercial
    • Residential
    • Industrial
  • Features
    • Cold Fill Pressure: Up to 3.0 Bar
    • Wall Mounted
    • 2L Capacity Tank with AB Air Gap
    • Flood Protection
    • Password Protection
    • Dry Run Protection
    • Volt Free Contacts for BMS / Alarms
    • Service Reminder
    • MODUS Communication Output
  • Options
    • Single / Twin Pump
    • High Water Level Switch
  • Downloads

    To download PDF’s simply click on the file names below:

    Datasheet – Flexfiller MINI
    O&Ms – Flexfiller Digital Range


Compact & Totally Enclosed


User-Friendly Microprocessor


Wall Mounted


Password Protection


Dry Run Protection


Volt Free Contacts for BMS / Alarms